After years as a graphic designer specializing in print,

I have taken my design skills and put them to use behind the camera.


I have always been fascinated by color, texture, light, space, and details.

I feel excitement as I look beyond and discover something new; a reward for taking a 

second look. Finding patterns and shapes, seeing intricacy, is a deeper dive 

within the captured image – a step closer to an emotional response. 


The photographs chosen for each installation are embedded in my heart. 

This has continually moved me to share my vision with an audience…

to open their eyes as they experience the world around them.

To have them discover that even though they may be looking in 

one direction something equally interesting may be happening behind them. 


Rough and discarded objects have a life of their own when enhanced. 

Through my exhibit I challenge the viewer to find inspiration in details,

shadows, light and unexpected spaces.


The question is not what you look at, but what you see.

- Henry David Thoreau


Photographic Art for Public and Private Collections,
Commercial Buildings and Model Units.